Values. Personalization. Transparency. Trust.

Values. Personalization. Transparency. Trust.

From the events I attended in 2018, there were certain ‘buzzwords’ that continually came up, event after event, whether they were within agriculture or outside of ag.

Innovation and disruption were two of those words in 2018. This is what is driving and fostering change at the unprecedented rate we’re experiencing (you can read my previous post on this here ).

Another common theme that was continually discussed at all events?

Just how important communication is and the role of social media, in developing relationships with consumers.

It’s not that communication hasn’t always been important, but thanks to the digital revolution that we’re living through, people are now talking about communications in a way like never before. We’re now seeing senior leaders and executives in every industry, taking a more hands on approach when it comes to communicating.

We must all be better communicators. Period.

So whether the conversation is around how to better communicate with your staff, how to better communicate with an intended target audience or how to better communicate with consumers regardless of what brand you are or what industry you’re in, the four ‘buzzwords’ that will steer the communications ship in 2019 are:

Values. Personalization. Transparency. Trust.

People want to relate to brands, influencers and people who share common values with them. And not necessarily in a “we both enjoy eating meat” kind of way. The connections run deeper than that. It is about WHY we choose to do something like eating meat and finding that common ground to relate to someone, that good relationships are built upon. If we both value something in the same way, those values will lay the foundation for a positive relationship.  

Next, people want personalized communication. If you aren’t personalizing your communications, you’re not going to land on the eyes/ears of your intended audience. There are so many tools and tricks now to personalize your communications that there really is no excuse as to why people should feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

When it comes to transparency, I also think of the word ‘vulnerable.’ Its something I’m going to commit more too in 2019 as a brand - how to be more transparent and how to show more of the vulnerable side of myself as an entrepreneur. People appreciate this “no stock imagery” kind of thinking in all shapes and forms now.

And lastly but most importantly, trust.

If you share common values with someone, personalize how you speak to that person and show them full disclosure type transparency and vulnerability, then you are going to have the ultimate key of success in marketing, communicating and heck, in life….. TRUST.

Its something I ask myself everyday when I work with my clients, particularly my agri-food clients. Consumers don’t trust us. Period. That is why we’re not even getting a chance to go through the consumers’ front door to sit down on the couch with them, and have a bigger conversation about their food.

Watch throughout 2019 as these 4 words lead the charge in the communications-digital marketing field.

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