HOW not the WHY

How not Why

After a whirlwind few weeks of travel and meetings, I’ve finally found some desk time to collect myself and digest all the notes I’ve taken lately. After reviewing the themes and topics events focused on and discussed, it highlights for me just how common the themes were at the various events I attended. The same topics, same themes and some of the same ideas were discussed.

A lot of these topics, themes, idea and content focused on the WHY.

Why are more consumers choosing plant-based diets/veganism?

Why are consumers eating less meat?

Why are consumers responding to agriculture in Canada the way they are?

Why are consumers flocking to social media now more than ever?

Why are millennials now the target demographics that most brands should be focusing on from a purchasing power/marketing standpoint?

Why do companies not know how to do social media properly nor invest in it in the same way we do say research?

Why are consumers thinking the way they are and why are they influenced in the way they are?

Why is society moving at the pace to which it is at the speed of innovation to which we are?

I appreciate the ideas I’ve learned about the why.

But I’m increasingly becoming impatient with what we’re actually DOING with the why.

HOW are we addressing the why?

How are we changing, say as a Canadian agriculture-food industry, to address the challenges we have with consumers and create opportunities for our industry?

How are we engaging in the food conversation?

How are we taking what we know and doing something different with it than we’ve did before?

In my line of work and with my business, I LOVE focusing on the HOW.

How can we talk more to consumers? How can our message better resonate? How can we be talking to them in more a more engaging way on the platforms they want to converse on? How can our industry be taken more seriously and be seen in a different light by consumers who are willing and want to listen? How do we train our millennials within agri-food to be influencers themselves? How can we train Boards of Directors in social media properly so they know what we’re talking about when we’re referring to the new way of marketing?


This is what I’m focusing my business energy on because THIS is what is going to decide how we change our future WHYS for our Canadian agri-food industry.