Where to Start...

…. just begin.


I know this seems so simple, yet it isn’t easy (as Rachel Hollis would say).

I’ve been having some awesome conversations as of late. So many people I’m meeting with have such great ideas and also, want to do big things with their ideas. They want to start a new businesses, but they don’t know where to start. They want to create something but don’t know where to begin. They want to collaborate on an idea but they don’t know who to turn too. They want to join social media but they don’t know what their first step should be.

Its also reminded me of a few people who have asked me recently why I’m not blogging as much. Its a great question and one I would say I don’t have the answer for, but I know deep down I do.

It’s not because I don’t have ideas or don’t know what to blog about.

One, I have TOO many things I want to say about too many things and don’t know where to even begin to start sharing these ideas.

Secondly, the process I have created in the last few years to ‘casually blog’ has become a long-drawn out process that I’ve made way harder than it needs to be. Which has made me not enjoy said process.

When I think back to my 'Stories From a Country Girl’ blogging days, I really did love blogging and it was such a fun and natural process. If I had a thought or wanted to share something, I just blogged on the spot. I attached a photo, uploaded it and pressed published. No editing, no second thoughts, no editing photos.

For some reason, because blogging in the last few years has become more professional or ‘corporate,’ I felt like there was a need to have everything ‘right.’ The right photo to match my content; my logo and branding on the photo; a catchy headline to match the message… it really became an inundating process that I didn’t enjoy.

I probably made it more complicated than it needed to be, but even some of the bloggers I’ve been following for years started saying the same thing. Because blogging/influencer marketing has more of a corporate feel, it didn’t feel fun in the same way it did a decade ago when I began blogging.

What has inspired my return on a random Wednesday?

This week, my attention has been all Rachel Hollis and Brene Brown. Their new books, the new Netflix special. I needed their messages as powerful reminders of why I started blogged all those years ago. Why I felt compelled to share my world years ago and why I should do it again now. Why I decided to start my business last fall. Because I have ideas. Because there is community. Because there is collaboration that needs to happen to make positive change. Because there is work to be done. And I want to be a part of the team of collaborators and idea creators that finds the solutions to help guide this change in the right direction.

So for me personally to start again, I have to make blogging a natural habit/routine for me to enjoy once again. No pretty branding or specially shot photos or reading over 5 times or spellchecking. Or worse, writing something and then not hitting publish and letting it sit in the draft folder. I’ve got a lot of those posts :S

Its this same message I’ve been passing along to the awesome people who’ve reached out via email or I’ve met with recently. Just begin. Just start somewhere. Yes project planning and brainstorming sessions are amazing (trust me, I have books and books of ideas and thoughts written down and love me a good ol’ brainstorming session).

Its what we actually begin to DO with these thoughts and ideas that will move the dial.

Just like we naturally think of making coffee in the morning, or grabbing one on the way to work, we just do it without a second thought. Why can’t the things we’re working on or want to work on be that natural or easy each morning?

It’s because its hard work. And because it takes time to build the habits necessary to make it a simple process.

Here’s to starting somewhere. Anywhere.

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