My 'Feel Good' Brands

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Truth be told, I love branding.

I’ve been working on a few client branding projects lately and I’ve loved being immersed in their details. Branding really is the most important part of any marketing or communications strategy - it is the foundation/beginning of how you tell your story, hence why it is so vital in being a good communicator.

Branding helps establish who you are and how you are different in a very crowded marketplace. It stands for how you connect with people - it is how you make people ‘feel’ once they hear your name or see your logo.

I put alot of work into my own personal business brand last summer when I was starting Crowley + Arklie Strategy & Co last fall. Of course, there is always more work that can be done on your brand - that is the thing with a brand - it is constantly evolving, growing, changing as you and as your target audience changes, but at the core/foundation, it remains the same of who you are and what you stand for.

I recently listened to a really inspiring podcast of Oprah’s and the minute I heard her voice, it reminded me of coming home after school at 4pm and sitting with my mom to watch the Oprah Show. It’s amazing how hearing her voice so quickly took me back to a time that I remembered so vividly. Just hearing Oprah’s voice alone brought back a calmness that the marketing God’s would probably say is the ultimate marketing goal.

You can’t exactly find the words to describe what it is that you love about Oprah but you just automatically trust her and feel good when you hear her.

That is when you know you’ve hit the branding jackpot. Oprah does it damn well.. really, anyone who goes by one name like Madonna, Beyonce, etc as their ‘brand’ has hit the branding jackpot.

My recent client branding projects got me thinking of the brands and/or influencers I follow on a daily basis and why I enjoy following them as a brand. This is also one of the questions I ask in the branding survey I send to clients - what brands outside of their industry resonate for them?

For me, brands like Saje Wellness, Starbucks and Candian lifestyle influencer Jillian Harris are quick personal favs that come top of mind when I think of my favourite brands.

Each of their marketing efforts subliminally make me feel a certain way that I want to buy from them or take their advice. They are consistent in their efforts so day in and day out, they are always there, they are always the same and you know what to expect when you interact with their brand. So many influencers on Instagram or YouTube have this same appeal. You don’t know who they are and aren’t friends with them, but you trust them in the same way you would a friend in real life- you want to hear how their day was, their opinion on things, etc.

THAT is what the ultimate goal is for any business/person (aka. brand)…. if you have a strong brand, your followers will want to engage with your marketing campaigns and efforts because they feel a loyalty or allegiance to your brand.

You make your target audience/consumer ‘feel good.’ This article reminded me of this.

I’m taking this Oprah reminder with me in everything I do going forward for my clients but in my own personal brand. There is more work to be done ;)

Happy long weekend, friends!