The Time is Now

Farmtario article

I keep reminding myself daily that the times we’re living in are pretty darn cool. Society is moving at a rate of change we’ve never seen before. Across all sectors. We’re rewriting how we’re storytelling, how we’re communicating and how close we’re getting to the consumer.

Which is where all the potential lies. Our relationship with the consumer (see quote below!)

We now have data to support out communications and marketing decisions, which is powerful. The data tells us what consumers like and dislike. This is powerful! But more importantly than the data, we now have ways to communicate directly with the consumer. That’s because of mediums like social media. We’ve never seen this before which is why we’re experiencing the disruption we are.

All the brands I work with, I can’t stress this enough. Especially in the agri-food sector. The consumer, who is our customer, is who keeps us in business. I use a bus analogy to explain that it is the consumer we need to have in the driver’s seat, while we sit in the passenger seat navigating them in a way that helps them go in a direction that is mutually-beneficial.

There is nothing more powerful than having direct access to the people we want to serve and should be serving.

I recently wrote a piece in Farmtario for the agri-food community, discussing this idea of the disruption we’re experiencing and how we can use it in a positive, transformational way to bring about change for our industry. But a lot must happen in order to bring about this change. If there was ever a time though to do something about it, the time is now. Which is exciting! The best part, is that it is not just millennials asking for this change. People of all ages within the agri-food sector are wanting to bring about change.

We all know why we need to change. It’s how we must change though now.

It will be how we can harness and channel all of this energy and the ideas we have, in a collective way that brings the masses together, to work on solutions that actually stick and work in the long-run. This is where we’ll see success for our industry and its future viability.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Bernadette Jiwa. Onward and upward from here!

Disruption quote.png