You Don't Have to be a Genius to do Something


I was driving home last weekend from the farm, doing my regular podcast catch up, when I listened to a Robin Sharma podcast that totally rocked my thinking.

The episode discussed four ways superstars or business gurus protect their energy. He began the podcast by saying:

“There are geniuses that never did anything.”

It made me stop and think about this.

So what is the difference than between the geniuses that do/did something versus the ones we’ve never heard of?

DOING. They did something about their genius.

For example in the personal growth field, the Robin Sharma’s, the Gary Vee’s, the Rachel Hollis’… the difference is that they actually DID something about their ideas in their head versus someone who may have had the exact same stories, thoughts and ideas to tell, but didn’t do anything with them.

This saying builds on what I blogged about last week about just beginning when you don’t know where to start. THAT my friends, as I’m learning quickly with my business, is the major first step in putting yourself out there to the world if you want to make a difference and be noticed for the right reasons.

DO something about what is in your head.

This has been a huge obstacle for me but I’m holding myself personally accountable in 2019 to actually do something about all of these things that I’m been thinking and wanting to do for so long.

I’ve been having a lot of discussions in various circles where the same point keeps being brought up about the social media age we live in, and how ‘everyone seems to have an opinion’ and think they’re the expert in {said} field.

The reality is, we’re living in a time where you don’t have to have a specific degree or education to back up that you’re an expert in what you’re doing. It would certainly help and you most likely would gain further trust if you had the proper education or training. But, in the times we’re living in where everyone has the two most important things to share their message: a waiting audience and the platforms/channels/devices to share ideas, the sky is the limit for sharing your personal genius, whatever that may be.

Its what we actually DO with our ideas or thoughts that will propel us to be talked about or listened too and it is these ideas that could shape our industries, organizations or society so why not do something about this and get sharing?!

Something to chew on for this Friday morning!

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