Thursday's Read, Listen & Watch

Read Listen Watch

I have way to many tabs open on my laptop with good content so here is some of what I’m reading, listening and watching. Enjoy!

  • This edition of ‘We Need to Talk About {This}’ newsletter is so dang spot on. This edition too got me going a few weeks back.

  • This Chatelaine read about Chrystia Freeland is dynamite - she really is blazing her own trail.

  • Each week, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of a new episode of this podcast, No Second Chances, talking about the journey of the 12 women who have served as ‘First Ministers’ in Canada (only 12 in the entire history of our country, crazy right?!)

  • This podcast with Dan Harris (author and podcaster from 10% Happier) and Brene Brown had me note-taking like mad. So many good lessons she shares and her honesty, man, there really is a reason she is the queen of ‘vulnerability’ in what she shares about her own journey.

  • I’ve saved this Oprah podcast as one I’ll pull up when I need that ‘raw raw’ reminder of how to do life!

  • Robin Sharma’s podcast is one I’ve subscribed too for a while. This recent episode was a good one which inspired me to blog when he said, “There are geniuses that never did anything.”

  • Need a reminder that we all have resiliency within us? Read this inspiring story.

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