Things I Love About Our Country #Canada150

Happy belated Canada day, friends!

Now that I am (somewhat) caught up on sleep from what was an epic Canada day long weekend, which included celebrating my little brother's wedding, I wanted to share 6 of the things I love about our country to commemorate #Canada150. Hope you got to celebrate what was uniquely yours on Canada day!

[1. Food and wine]  - strawberry picking, pumpkin patches, cherries, maple syrup, lentils, there are so many amazing things I've been surprised to learn we grow, produce and harvest within our very own country. We truly have one of the safest, most sustainable food systems in the world with the abundance and variety of yummy foods we produce. We should also be proud of our emerging wine industry - we may be a few hundred years behind Europe in our wine production but our wines from BC and Ontario are still incredibly tasty too! The photo of the cherries above is actually our neighbour's cherry tree. Talk about eating and enjoying local?! #HowCoolIsThat

[2. The views and our 4 seasons] - I think it is fair to say we may have some of the most diverse, vast landscapes of any country in the world in part because of the 4 seasons we get to experience. From the mountain views, to the prairie flats, our waterways to the red dirt on the east coast, you can experience so much in just one country (even though it takes a far distance to get from one end to the other and 4 changes of clothing for each season!). I feel fortunate to have visited almost all Canadian provinces - the only two provinces I have yet to visit are Newfoundland and Saskatchewan which I have added to my travel bucket list! Some of my favourite views (of so many in our country) that I've been able to personally savour include mountains views from Sidney, BC and Banff/Lake Louise, AB; rocky shores in Lake-of-the-Woods/Kenora, ON; watching the northern lights in the prairie, Manitoba skies; harbour ocean-front views in North Rustico, PEI and one of my absolute favorite views, the calming, scenic views from my family's cottage on the Trent River in ON. Oh and fall is still my favourite season of them all :)

[3. Innovations and creations] - I didn't realize how many incredible innovations our country and Canadians are responsible. Some of them are life changing and some are the simple pleasures we and so many millions enjoy - things like insulin, peanut butter (one of my absolute favs!), the life vest, the electric wheelchair, backup lights on modern cars, garbage bags and the paint roller. You can read more awesome inventions here. Who knew how truly awesome we are?!

[4. The Great Lakes] - Being raised on the water, I've always been attached to the water and love a good deep breathe of fresh, water air (it could also be the fact that I am the water sign Cancer). Being from Ontario, I love how close we are to the Great Lakes, all 5 of which are just a drive a way to enjoy. I'll never forget learning in grade school how to remember the names of our 5 Great Lakes - remember the acronym HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior!) You are welcome :) Side note, my girlfriends and I thought the Great Lakes are so awesome that we got the sweatshirt I'm pictured in above, made last summer when we were all in Grand Bend #BestIdeaEver

[5. The Canadian game of Hockey] - The photo above of the goalie is of my very own husband Andrew in his glory days as a goalie for the University of Guelph. He has since hung up his pads, but I love how much we enjoy the game of hockey together. I've always been a huge fan (of not only him) but the game of hockey itself. I have loved being a fan in the stands since a young age and understand the game enough to rock our family hockey pool which I won this year ;)

[6. Our 'Canadianisms'] - There are so many awesome things that make us known as Canadians that I'm calling these our 'Canadianism's. Things like the iconic Hudsons Bay brand of colourful stripes (I have the paddle above!), maple syrup, poutine, Tim Hortons, the red maple leaf, our manners/politeness - these are just a few of the things that make us so uniquely known around the world as Canadians.

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Conferences to Consider Attending

One of my 2017 goals this year is to attend a personal development course or conference. I realized the other day that I better get on this because once May comes and Baby A arrives, my time *may* be limited. Unless I decide to do a conference or course in the fall once I've *adjusted* to this new exciting, scary thing called motherhood.

With warmer temps recently and the feeling that Spring (may) just be around the corner, it has me feeling rejuvenated to want to learn and take in new things, a lot like how the New Year makes me feel.

I love attending conferences, not only because of the people and networking, but because while I'm there, I usually get so many ideas at conferences that leaves me feeling excited about new ways of thinking; taking new approaches to ideas; and adding to my side business and brand.

I've had a few people recently mention to me that they are looking for a conference to attend this year and I wanted to share some of the conferences that I either follow, engage with on social media or have found online, if  you, like me, are looking for a conference to attend this year.


  • Advancing Women's Conference West - March 6-7- Calgary, AB (Created for every woman who wants to achieve success. Whether you are a crop, fruit, vegetable, dairy or livestock producer, own your own small or large ag business or in a career path with an ag organization or association - this conference is for you. Gain or hone the skills that will bring you success in your career, family life and community.)
  • Peterborough International Women's Day Conference - March 8 - Toronto, ON (The Women Business Network of Peterborough is hosting Peterborough’s first full-day International Women's Day conference, bringing this global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women into our own community).
  • Dx3 Canada Technology, Digital Media & Retail Event - March 8-9 - Toronto, ON (Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, advertising and retail. Dx3 connects the world’s top technology brands including Facebook, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft and MasterCard to Canada’s leading consumer brands, retailers and agencies by curating engaging content, immersive experiences and platforms that enable meaningful face-to-face commerce.)
  • Women in Leadership & Business - March 27-28 - Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (What do successful business people know and do that you can take and immediately put into action to jump-start, re-focus and re-energize your business and career? Join Leaders, Senior & Middle Managers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs)


  • The Art of Marketing - April 3 - Toronto, ON (The Art of Marketing is a thought-provoking conference that explores the power shift in brand-consumer relationships. It puts the spotlight on how business models are being disrupted and, as a result, how marketers need to rethink how to achieve their goals.)
  • The Art of Leadership for Women - April 5 - Vancouver, BC (one day conference features five internationally renowned bestselling authors and thought leaders, who will share an exciting blend of cutting edge thinking and real world experience on today’s most critical leadership issues.)
  • WNORTH - April 19-21 - Whistler, BC (boutique-style conference is focused on providing a forum for women who are the next generation of senior leadership in their organization to come together to enhance their leadership training, engage in high-level networking and witness inspirational talks from leading women in business.)
  • B Connected Conference - April 22-23 - Toronto, ON (Canada’s Digital Influencer Conference, is open to influencers, small business owners, charitables organizations, not for profit associations, and major brands, looking to enhance their social media and blogging skills. BDigital. BInfluential. BConnected! This Conference aims to help you achieve an interactive learning experience within the social media and blogging industries. It’s a fun and intimate event for influencers, brands and speakers alike!)
  • Atlantic Farm Women Conference - April 28-29 - Halifax, NS (In the past, Farm women sought out these conferences as a unique way to work collaboratively and help move agriculture forward. We plan to pair some serious discussions with some light and fun activities!  We'll send you home stuffed with new knowledge and rejuvenated to continue in this industry!  You'll meet women from across Atlantic Canada who love this industry as much as you AND you're guaranteed to have fun doing it!)


  • Leadercast - May 5 - Held virtually in 100+ countries (Leadercast Live is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. Broadcast live each year from Atlanta to 100,000+ people in hundreds of locations around the world, Leadercast Live brings together many of the world’s most recognized and respected global leaders to create a leadership experience unlike any other.)
  • Globe and Mail Small Business Summit - May 9 - Toronto, ON (They are the disrupters. The leaders. The brightest entrepreneurs in Canadian business. The Globe and Mail has invited them to share their insights during an inspiring day of keynote talks, workshops and networking. Walk away with new ideas and actionable tips on securing financing, acquiring talent and expanding sales, and take your business to the next level in this rapidly changing marketplace.)
  • Canadian Public Relations Conference - May 28-30 - Kelowna, BC (The 2017 National Conference embraces and celebrates what it means to illuminate. For starters, our host city Kelowna is illuminated constantly thanks to 2000 hours of sunshine each year and breathtaking Northern Light displays. Then, during each session, expert presenters will illuminate new concepts, enlightening delegates by providing deeper understanding of public relations.Finally, as the crown jewel of the CPRS, Illuminate 2017 will serve to maintain our illustrious status as leaders in the Canadian public relations and communications industry.)


  • The Art of Leadership for Women - June 13 - Toronto, ON (one day conference features five internationally renowned bestselling authors and thought leaders, who will share an exciting blend of cutting edge thinking and real world experience on today’s most critical leadership issues.)


  • Blog Podium - typically held in September but date & location still TBD (BlogPodium is a series of conferences and small workshops designed to connect people together, encourage collaboration and sharing, and of course, have a great time. We are Canada’s Conference for Design and Lifestyle Bloggers)
  • Inbound Marketing - September 25-28 - Boston, MA (INBOUND's purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to transform your business. This November, we will host thousands of marketing and sales professionals from almost every industry imaginable and from all corners of the globe at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.


  • Advancing Women Conference East - October 30-31- Niagara Falls, ON (Created for every woman who wants to achieve success. Whether you are a crop, fruit, vegetable, dairy or livestock producer, own your own small or large ag business or in a career path with an ag organization or association - this conference is for you. Gain or hone the skills that will bring you success in your career, family life and community.)
  • Food Bloggers of Canada - October 20-22 - Ottawa, ON (FBC2017 is Canada’s only national conference for food bloggers.  It’s a fun, intimate event for bloggers, brands and speakers alike.  We focus on providing professional development for our members and other interested bloggers; an intimate atmosphere to foster blogger to blogger and blogger to brand networking; great food; and fun)
  • Tedx Toronto - date still TBD - Toronto, ON (Tedx Toronto is Canada's largest Tedx event, a platform for exceptional ideas and a catalyst for profound change. In our seventh year, TEDxToronto is Canada’s largest TEDx event, a platform for exceptional ideas, and a catalyst for profound change. The annual, one-day conference draws a diverse and passionate array of speakers, performers, demos and audience members)

*Each of the descriptions about each conference  were taken directly from conference websites.

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