Bottle It Up

Bottle It up.png

I’ve recently been on the road for work for what feels like weeks and weeks. When in fact, its only been two weeks of travel. The travelling life is not as glamourous as Instagram makes it out to be. The airport shots of our luggage, the Starbucks coffees, the perfectly manicured nails…. yea, it is far from that. I don’t take for granted the opportunities I’m being afforded with my business and how travelling makes me feel (when there are no snow storms and flight delays/cancellations which has been my travelling life as of late). I really do love travelling. Just the right amount of it.

I get some of my best ideas when I’m travelling. I’m not sure if its because the time on the plane without a phone allows my brain to fully relax. Or because when I travel, I’m taking in new sights and experiences so my brain is on creative overdrive.

In my recent trip to Ottawa, during a snow storm around dinner time, I put on my winter parka and went for a walk and man, despite the blowing snow in my face and the crazy looks I was getting by drivers passing slowly by me, were the ideas ever a swirling around in my head.

I find this too whenever I’m travelling with Andrew down the 401 in our hauls from Guelph to the farm. The long stretch of highway, knowing how far we’re going and how much time I have to just ‘be’ makes me feel at ease. The ideas come rolling out of me when I have time to process my thoughts.

I (finally) have time to read all those open tabs on my laptop, read 100+ pages of a book in one sitting or take in hours of a podcast that I’ve been dying to listen too.

I wish I could bottle up this energy I seem to harness when I’m travelling. I wish I could also bottle up all of these ideas I have floating around in my head since I started my business late last summer. The notes pages I’ve ended up scribbling down are far too many and its not the ideas I come up with that I’m in love with – it’s the action I want to take out of them. I want to actually DO something with all of these ideas I’ve seem to have bottled up.

Anyone else with me?! #BottleUpmyBrain

Side note: this highway photo above is one I snapped from a recent trip to Mont Tremblant with Andrew. MT is one of our most favourite places and this was one of the BEST trips we’ve taken in years. There is just something about those Laurentian mountains that sets our souls on fire and makes us feel at ease. 💕

Food for Thought [volume 6]

+ With more women working full time than men, this article about selling to women is something that all companies and people in communications should be reading to tweak how they approach selling their products or services because there ARE stark differences in how to sell to women in the language that is used, and the visuals that attract women shoppers and decision makers.

+"GMO's" could be one of those words that was one of the most popular words of 2016. It seemed to be a word that appeared everywhere this year in food marketing. The myths that exist out there are astounding and many foodie bloggers and food enthusiasts are jumping on the anti-GMO bandwagon without knowing the real facts. Twitter enthusiast Yvette known as Science Babe had her article on the 10 Bullsh*t arguments against GMOs published in Cosmopolitan.. take a read and make sure to share with friends!

+ A good reminder for those who are beginning to blog or are considering jumping into the online world and want to find their 'thing.' Their message "You Can't Stand Out Until You Stand Up" is so true! Get going!

+I'm sure many millennials who read this article can relate to the idea of 'chasing your dreams' or 'following your passions' but what if you woke up one day like Jennifer did and asked yourself, 'what are you ACTUALLY trying to follow?'

+Even though the US Election has come and gone, I love reading the aftermath and post-wraps of what people thought each campaign did right and wrong. Advertisers in the US are reflecting on how they collect data to reflect the consumers that is the American people considering the outcome of the November 8th election results. Fascinating stuff!

+Another read that could relate to the outcome we recently saw with the US election, this article discusses what role the media plays in the timely debate of the CEO gender gap. Findings from a small sample of media coverage found that the way in which CEOs are covered often has a direct impact on their success in office.

+This explains why I feel so relaxed and happy when I listen to music while working away on emails/blogging/project work etc. Let the feel-good neurotransmitters out!

+I recently tweeted (& slightly tweaked) the lyrics to a famous #JayZ line that say "I got 99 problems.. and negativity ain't one of them." Fellow blogger Jen shared this article from the Globe and Mail that speaks to the serious impacts that complaining and negativity has on your brain. Loved the line in the article, when comparing complaining to second-hand smoking, "If a person were smoking, would you sit there all afternoon inhaling the second-hand smoke?"

+Want to see a cool visual that shows you what a day in the life of an American looks like then check out this simulation of what a 1000 people's day looks like. Its interesting to see what activities that Americans (and most likely us as Canadians) do more so than others.. sleep, eat, work, drink, repeat anyone?