The Sunday 7

Oh, Sunday's. 

1. We saw Nelly this past week. Like the rapper. Who say 'Hot in Here.' Yes, it was epic. Like circa 2004 epicness that made my high school-University self sing WAY too loud. It was the best $45 I've spent in a while. It reminded me how we need more of those random nights out with friends that turn out to be the best nights.

2. I have a day in Toronto planned for some work-related things and meet-ups.. a day in the big city sans babe is what my heart needs right now.

3. This tote has my heart swooning. I'm just wondering if it's big enough to hold all of my stuff.. and Blake's stuff :S

4. Now that Spring may be here (the last two weekends have been sunny and made me hopeful here in Guelph!), I'm wondering where the Instagram spring stickers are now?!! Come on #Instagram!

5. If we're talking about Spring, a good ol' 'Spring clean' of the house is necessary. I found this handy list of one item you can do each day for a month to get your place clean super helpful.

6. A place we forget to clean that we use daily? Our smartphones. I used this list to give the iphone a good clean tonight!

7. Talk about a fun-filled week, we celebrated the upcoming nuptials of my girl Mac at The Fancy Design Co with a girls night out. It was wildly fun, I wouldn't expect anything else from our group of friends. A night out with the gals celebrating one of the best people I know was SO needed after a week of Blake being sick with a cold. We had dinner at Gilt in Kitchener and oh yum, was that menu amazing.

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Weekend Wanderlust

April 10 Weekend

(1)  I finally made a visit to local flower shop, Sweet Violets Guelph, a little gem in the heart of downtown Guelph. I wanted to bring home everything in the shop...

(2) ... So instead of bringing home everything, I settled on my favourite.... succulents and some ivy. They take little TLC to keep living and look beautiful (my kind of plant!)

(3) Whipped up these yummy and quick 'egg muffs' (as I like to call them), made with Ontario ham, potatoes (will dill seasoning) topped with an Ontario egg. #WifeWin #Yum

(4) Exploring downtown Guelph also helped me stumble upon these beautiful hand-made pillows at a store called Harmony. May just make the deer head pillow mine soon.

(5) I'm trying to embrace the 'selfie' more so shot this one while enjoying the sun out on Saturday in Guelph.

(6) A drive with Andrew over the weekend landed us upon Victoria Park in Kitchener and this beautiful 'local.' He was very photogenic!