The Sunday 7

  1. After spending the last 7 days in 25+ degree heat in Jamaica, to say I'm ready for spring is an understatement. I'm just thankful after returning today that we didn't have to dig ourselves out from under snow. Our recent getaway was the reason why I was quiet on social media and boy did it feel good to disconnect. It reminded me that I can function in my own head, away from all the distractions. And when I chose to use my phone or laptop, it was on *my* terms. Such a liberating feeling! I'll be sharing more about our trip on instagram this coming week :)
  2. The only way I'm curing my Caribbean hangover tonight is by watching the Oscars. I love me some red carpet fashion & awards #Oscars90
  3. Back to spring being around the corner, daylight savings time is this coming weekend AND the other sign that spring is close by? All the maple syrup festivals across Ontario are starting to take place including my local hometown Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival this weekend. Can't wait!
  4. It was the best feeling changing my laptop desktop wallpaper calendar to March. Here are some cute ideas for your desktop wallpaper here, here and here.
  5. While on holidays, I finished  Joe Biden's book, "Promise Me, Dad." What a gut wrenching, page turning read it was - so good! I'm now re-reading Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" which I have already dog-eared so many pages.
  6. The only other thing that made coming back from Jamaica somewhat bearable? Getting my Spring issue of Magnolia Journal in the mail... oh, and a Big Mac :P
  7. And just to make my travelling heart feel a bit better about getting back from a much-needed trip like Jamaica? My mind is already wandering, thinking about possibly planning a solo spring trip to somewhere like New York, Chicago or Montreal. Seems like a lot with a young babe but I'm feeling so inspired by travelling #Wanderlust

What a Little Perspective Can Provide


I love travelling. I feel fortunate I've had the means to travel and never take for granted, every new opportunity I have to explore a new city, province or country. I love the feeling travelling gives me -- the excitement of exploring, experiencing and learning new things and taking in a new culture. It really is an adrenaline rush.

My husband and I recently visited New York for the first time in May. Neither of us had been before and I don't think we expected just how big and busy New York really was going to be. I have told people that it is like the city of Toronto but 100 times busier. And Central Park (a personal favourite of mine) is simply breathtaking! Its incredible to think the city has maintained an 843-acre green space oasis right in the middle of likely, one of the busiest cities, if not THE busiest, city in the world.

I also didn't realize just how much of New York's culture influences so much of what we as people around the world, do and enjoy... sports teams, music, TV, film, broadway, art, architecture... it really is amazing how much of what takes place in New York is reflected in so much of what we do.

While in New York, one of the tourist spots we visited was  Manhattan Bridge (pictured above), located in lower Manhattan along with the 911 memorial and the Statute of Liberty to name a few monuments. In standing there looking at the Manhattan bridge the day we visited, I couldn't get over the sheer size of the structure and just how much it reminded me how small I was in comparison. It was a good reminder that got me thinking...

  • while we may think our influence is big, there is always a bigger bridge waiting for us to cross it, always more people we could be reaching, more we could be doing/helping with and our influence could be always be bigger and better
  • there really are no boundaries to where we can go or what we can do both personally and professionally, the only boundary to what we can do is OURSELVES
  • it was also a healthy reminder that at the end of the day, what we may think what we are working on, working towards or facing is big, there are ALWAYS bigger issues going on around us that we must be sensitive too.

It was a good 'reality check' of just how big the world really is. It made me realize from a business perspective too that the best communicators and best industry experts are those that give themselves this same 'reality check' and know when they are right and wrong, without having to stand beside New York's Manhattan Bridge to remind them of how small they really are in comparison.

Here are some other great shots you can enjoy from New York. I can proudly say, these, and the Manhattan Bridge picture above, were all shot by yours truly on my iphone 4S :)


(1) Times Square- where the chaos ensues

(2) Watching Good Morning America from outside GMA headquarters

(3) The cherry blossoms were out in full effect in Central Park which made for a beautiful bike ride

(4) The amazing view from the Rockefellar Center overlooking New York from 70 stories high

(5) Grand Central Station - what beautiful architecture (and if you can look closely, there were wedding photos taking place!)

(6) A shot from Central Park of the famous Plaza Hotel (the one in Home Alone, one of my all-time favourite movies)

(7) Can you tell we enjoyed Central Park? A little wine while we enjoyed some downtime in CP.

(8) Taking in the infamous Radio City Music Hall