The Sunday 7

  1. If only it was March right now and this beautiful sunny, Sunday was an indication that Spring was here. Unfortunately, looks like we may have to brace ourselves for some more winter weather (I mean, it is January still). In the meantime, I am enjoying as much time outdoors as possible and snapped this photo above on the city limits of Guelph overlooking the countryside #MyFavouriteViews #RemindsMeOfTheFarm
  2. I  can't wait to try out this Mexican restaurant in Waterloo that I read about in Toque magazine, a free amazingly-designed magazine I found (for free!) in my local Balzacs in Guelph.
  3. I purchased this refreshing face mist from The Body Shop over the holidays and I'm loving it! Its the perfect mid-day pick up.
  4. I also recently bought these beauties (thanks to Winners!) and can’t wait to get to wear these.. in bare feet, with warm, sunny weather.. sometime soon hopefully #dreaming
  5. This place in Prince Edward County for a creative genius retreat looks ah-mazing! Who wants to hit the road and go with me for a weekend of brainstorming, writing and no cellphones (only for photos of course!)
  6. How is it February in 4 days?! We have lots of exciting plans in store for the next month. To keep me organized (and happy every time I open up my laptop), I found this cute February desktop wallpaper.
  7. Bell Let's Talk Day is coming up this week on Wednesday, January 31st! Be sure to participate on social media if you can or at least watch some of the awesome shows that will be airing featuring real-life people talking #MentalHealth#EndtheStigma

Savouring Summer 2016

Savouring Summre 2016

Happy belated Victoria Day, my Canadian friends!

The weather to kick off our first (unofficial summer) long weekend of the year was a beauty! I enjoyed a weekend with both friends and family in cottage country and at home on the farm... what could be better than that?!

I always look forward to the summer-like weather that finally embraces us come May 2-4 weekend. But I know that this weekend also means that I won't have the same focus and energy on weekends relating to my side business as I do in Fall/Winter/Spring. Once summer weather is here and the outdoors are to be enjoyed, I just don't have the same drive. Is anyone else with me on this?!

Summer also means wedding season, patio drinks, late-night warm weather walks, reading on the deck, cattle show season for my family and travelling/enjoying the outdoors - there really is so much to look forward too. Oh, and did I mention work in there too?!

Because my family lives along the Trent River in Hastings, we are fortunate that in the summer, the views on the water are so beautiful and calming (the photo above was actually taken yesterday by moi, enjoying a day on the Trent). It makes it hard to explore other places when you know you have access to views like this, but I'm always up for exploring new places across our province because there really are so many untouched jems Andrew and I want to visit and need to see.

Makes sense, after seeing views like these in Banff, that to want to #exploreOntario and whats in our own backyard. Thinking of heading out this summer to savour summer 2016 in Ontario like we will be?

Here are some ideas to help plan your trips and getaways for summer 2016 from our #ExploreOntario Travel Bucket List:

  • The emerging wine country of Ontario, Prince Edward County (just enjoyed a weekend there with my girls recently, such an awesome area of the province!)
  • It would be remiss of me not to mention my own hometown of Hastings - a quaint town that is home to 1,200 + people with some awesome views, a well-known local coffee shop and Kawartha Dairy icecream shop, some great eats and of course, fishing (voted the Ultimate Fishing Town in 2012). Because the Trent River runs through the town (the same river my family lives on) there is also a great lock system which boats use to cruise through in the summer time!
  • We've visited Elora Gorge Conservation area for a day before, but we really want to camp there and do the lazy river tub ride
  • Right down the road from beachfront Grand Bend, there is Pinery Provincial Park which made for awesome camping for Andrew and I. I'll be heading back to GB in June for a weekend away with my girls, can't wait!
  • On Sunday's in the summer, you can find me here at the Aberfoyle Antique Market, so many amazing finds each time I visit!
  • The 3+ hour drive from Toronto to Tobermory is one of the best kept secrets of the province. The Bruce Penninsula has so much to offer, it was one of the best trips we've taken!
  • Another touristy spot that uses the phrase, "One of Canada's Best Kept Secret" is Canada's southernmost populated point,  Peelee Island, which requires a ferry ride to get there. Maybe you recognize the name because of the well-known Peelee Island Winery? Haven't been there before but would love to make it there this summer and enjoy a glass of Peelee Island ON Peelee Island.
  • While I haven't spent that much time in the Muskoka's, I've always wanted to re-visit Deerhurst Resort after visiting as a child and I've also heard awesome things about the J.W. Marriott 'The Rosseau in northern cottage country.
  • Algonquin Park has always been on my bucket list but I can't seem to find a weekend to make a camping trip there. Maybe a visit one weekend to Adventure Lodge Cabins this fall would make for some awesome hiking, camp fires and and smores.
  • Two places close to home that Andrew and I often take a drive too when we're visiting my family and the farm close to Peterborough are Elmhirt Resort, located on Rice Lake which funnels from Trent River and Viamede Resort on the picturesque Stoney Lake.
  • An earlier trip this year to Mont Tremblant made for the perfect winter ski getaway that we needed but we both said while we were there that we would love to come back in the summertime to enjoy the awesome activities available when the snow has disappeared.
  • One place I actually had never visited with Andrew before was downtown Niagara-On-The-Lake which we recently crossed off on our travel bucket list! We brought our own bikes with us and did a tour of the town before heading out into the countryside to see the many well-known wineries.

Photos from our recent trip in early May to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.