Weekend Wanderlust

April 10 Weekend

(1)  I finally made a visit to local flower shop, Sweet Violets Guelph, a little gem in the heart of downtown Guelph. I wanted to bring home everything in the shop...

(2) ... So instead of bringing home everything, I settled on my favourite.... succulents and some ivy. They take little TLC to keep living and look beautiful (my kind of plant!)

(3) Whipped up these yummy and quick 'egg muffs' (as I like to call them), made with Ontario ham, potatoes (will dill seasoning) topped with an Ontario egg. #WifeWin #Yum

(4) Exploring downtown Guelph also helped me stumble upon these beautiful hand-made pillows at a store called Harmony. May just make the deer head pillow mine soon.

(5) I'm trying to embrace the 'selfie' more so shot this one while enjoying the sun out on Saturday in Guelph.

(6) A drive with Andrew over the weekend landed us upon Victoria Park in Kitchener and this beautiful 'local.' He was very photogenic!

My Kind of Saturday

My Kind of Saturday

I always enjoy Saturday mornings back at home on my family's farm. I have always loved the 'routine' that accompanies a dairy farming lifestyle because you always knew you had to be at home in the morning and at night time to milk the cows and do chores (can you tell I like routine?!) Weekends including Saturday mornings are no different. I always love getting up to help with chores, knowing that once chores are done, we still have an entire day to ourselves to do whatever our heart desires. And to top that, you feel SO productive knowing that by 9am you've did all of that work to get the cows milked, fed and feeling comfortable... and the day is just starting!

One of my other favourite Saturday morning routines when I am home for the weekend is visiting our local, hometown coffee shop and settling in for a great coffee, a good read and sometimes, some computer work and blogging (they have free wifi, what an enticing service offered by a rural, small-town business!) There is nothing better than feeling so inspired & productive while enjoying the best cup of jo (better than Timmies dare I say!) and seeing people from your hometown at the same time.

THIS is my kind of Saturday.... there really is nothing better.

What does your 'best version of Saturday' look like?!

Happy Easter weekend!