Summer Searching

I've been struggling with words lately. How to find the right ones - how to string words together to create a well-articulated thought. Words just aren't flowing as easily as they typically do. I'm not sure if its because I'm 'baby drunk' (drunk on the baby, not alcohol), sleep deprived, stepping outside of my comfort zone or what. It could also be that wordsmithing, what I did in my 'day job,' has taken a back seat to motherhood as of late.

I start the day with such intention to write, only to be met with mid-day fatigue (or a hungry baby). This leads to another day gone by, resulting in me lying awake at night with what feels like hundreds of ideas being thrown around by my brain. To the point, I've put a notepad beside my bed to write everything down, afraid that it can't wait until the morning to document (or in case I don't remember).

I'm sure you've been there with me.

Blog posts unpublished; tweets sitting in draft form; instagram posts deleted because you didn't think the photo was 'good enough' for its angle or lighting and you couldn't put your own unique words/thoughts to the picture.

Writing is a lot like a muscle. To get stronger or in the case of writing, better at it, you need to work at it and eventually you'll see results. My writing will never be perfect but doing more of it will help to get better at it.

So I'm going on that basis for my writing this summer - its better to put thoughts out there as they are, imperfect with errors, rather than have the ideas sitting in the draft folder. I'll keep going with my #Blog452 commitment - blogging every week, for 52 weeks of the year.

I love that summer as a season allows us to do this - relax and be easier on ourselves. Summer is a time for welcomed self-reflection for our society - we are just too damn busy the rest of the year.

Summer is the only time of year (besides the two weeks at Christmas) where we as a society see it as 'acceptable' to unplug. We accept that people are away on holidays and relaxing during the summer months. It is almost a societal norm that everyone takes it easier on each other during the summer.

The summer also allows us time to rest our brains, self-reflect and take stock of what we love about our lives and also, what are the irritants/things we want to change, or wish we could change. Its probably because we have the time to finally think and self-reflect while we feel at peace and ease... or its the beer or wine that helps to stimulate our thoughts and relax :) I think its why so many of us come back in September recharged with motivation to want to tackle our goals.

I'm doing so much self-reflection recently thanks to summer and of course, because of Blake. Even before May, I had made a commitment in 2017 to set goals, create a routine and adjust/adapt along the way to work towards accomplishing these goals.

I think summertime reflection is necessary to a healthy lifestyle, both professionally and personally. Self-awareness is the key to happiness. Its healthy to take stock of what we're good at; what we could be better at; what we want more of; and what we could get rid of. This type of reflection allows us to enjoy more of what we love and (finally) take action on the things we want to change. This is something I've gotten a lot better at this year since becoming a mom, as I blogged about earlier - we should "Strive for progress, not perfection.'

I really love the liberating and 'free' feeling of summer. There is no better feeling than sitting on a dock at dusk, looking out at the calm waters and mentally taking stock of everything I love about life and what I want to change/do more of.

Summer searching fuels an incredible sensation to want to kick butt. I'll be so ready for fall when summer decides to be over. Until then, lets take advantage of the warm, sunny summer weather as long as it lasts.

Summer Goals: Light on the Extras, Heavy on the Recharge

Summer Goals

Hope you've been enjoying your summer as much as I have been! I've been taking advantage of all the sun this year (even though I would gladly welcome rain no problem!). I've been trying to do as much stuff outdoors as possible which the photo above perfectly depicts! Andrew and I recently took a quick canoe trip down the Speed River in Guelph after visiting The Boathouse for icecream of course. Most summer nights, you can find me bike-riding around Guelph or taking walks to try and do more gym-type activities outside to take advantage of the long nights and warm air. So amazing for the mind and body.

Wishing For More Time in the Outdoors 

Access to the outdoors is definitely something I miss about not living in the country. The quick access to nature and the outdoors and the privacy that the country offers is something I often wish I could get back. I always appreciate heading home to the family farm that much more in the summer time because the views are that much more spectacular and lush and green; the smells are the best mixture of fresh cut hay on the farm, BBQ-ing and cow manure (sorry, too much?); and with our family's cottage being right on the water, the views from the shoreline put me right at home with relaxation.

What Are Your Summer's For?

This summer, while busy with weddings and milestone events, its been a welcomed time for rest, relaxation and recharging. With how busy the fall/winter/spring are in my line of work, its nice that even though summers are busy, there are less expected demands and asks. I appreciate that boards that I'm involved with don't have as many meetings to accommodate people's holidays and that late night meetings aren't the norm during the summer months.

Summer for some, depending on what industries, are extremely busy and others use summer as a way to travel, explore and see as much as possible. What am I trying to do this summer? Do as little as possible. You probably see my travels and adventures through my Instagram or Twitter accounts, but what I'm aiming to do this summer is strike a balance that I've been really trying to hold myself to this year. I'm trying to keep busy doing the things I love and keep it 'light' on all the extras, especially relating to work, meetings, stuff that isn't urgent, etc. I've kept these boundaries in mind that I blogged about a month ago. I'm trying to do the stuff that only summertime allows you to do in a non-guilty way compared to all the other months in the calendar year - spend time reading on our deck, enjoy outdoor BBQs with friends, try new hobbies, yoga in the park, camping (or glaming for some!), take day trips to explore and discover new places across Ontario, and maybe drink a beer (or two!)  - because hey, that is what summer is for!