A Week in Reflection

+ One of the greatest controls I realize we can have in modern day times is knowing when to unplug from social media and take breaks when you need them most. This is something I did this week. Not worrying about taking pictures in the moment and just capturing those moments in your mind to cherish, is needed more often than I think we realize.

+ One of those moments this week, was watching Blake turn two months. The smiles and giggles that are coming from him more and more everyday are so much fun.

+ There is nothing better for the soul than walks outdoors in beautiful summer sun, especially when its with your best friend (and her baby!) or husband and a good cup of coffee.

+ Another thing that feeds the soul? A good book like Erin Loechnre's 'Chasing Slow' which I have completely consumed this week. The way in which Erin writes is truly incredible - its as if she can read my mind.

+ You can make chocolate chip cookies a hundred times and still make a batch that is a #BakingFail.

+ Visits from friends during the day, mid-week for a quick coffee and chat are the best.

+ There truly is no way to know what Donald Trump will get up too next and what his tweets may result in by the end of the week #FacePalmEmoji

+ Sometimes, you just need those deep-fried pickles you are craving. And so deserve (that's what I keep telling myself anyways).

+ Fresh cut flowers in the house brighten up everyone's mood.

+When you search out some awesome finds at the local antique market in Aberfoyle and negotiate the price too!

+ That feeling of accomplishment when you get through your weekend to do list (almost all of it anyways)

Weekend Wanderlust

April 10 Weekend

(1)  I finally made a visit to local flower shop, Sweet Violets Guelph, a little gem in the heart of downtown Guelph. I wanted to bring home everything in the shop...

(2) ... So instead of bringing home everything, I settled on my favourite.... succulents and some ivy. They take little TLC to keep living and look beautiful (my kind of plant!)

(3) Whipped up these yummy and quick 'egg muffs' (as I like to call them), made with Ontario ham, potatoes (will dill seasoning) topped with an Ontario egg. #WifeWin #Yum

(4) Exploring downtown Guelph also helped me stumble upon these beautiful hand-made pillows at a store called Harmony. May just make the deer head pillow mine soon.

(5) I'm trying to embrace the 'selfie' more so shot this one while enjoying the sun out on Saturday in Guelph.

(6) A drive with Andrew over the weekend landed us upon Victoria Park in Kitchener and this beautiful 'local.' He was very photogenic!