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Social Media and our Mental Health

Today is particularly important for us all across Canada. We’re celebrating #BellLetsTalk today, all collectively working together to raise money through our social media and texting efforts to support Canadian mental health initiatives. Today, I decided to fire up the ol’ podcast again (because I had too much to say for a blog post) on something important worth discussing on a day like today…

….. social media and its impact on our mental health.

Which seems a bit ironic I know, considering the #BellLetsTalk day initiative was started on social media back in 2010. #BellLetsTalk is a perfect example of how incredibly powerful social media can be, when used and harnessed effectively.. and when we’re all working towards a common goal.

But for all the incredible benefits to social media, there are certainly many negatives we all don’t discuss enough. Most likely because social media has become so ingrained in our daily lives that we don’t take the time to step back and actually ask ourselves questions like:

  • is social media bettering my life instead of making it worse?

  • is my mental health suffering from how/how much I use social media?

  • am I benefiting in a helpful, constructive way from using social media?

  • should I reconsider how I use social media and/or if I should be on it?

It wasn’t until I stepped back at Christmas time and asked myself these very same questions that I got serious in asking how social media impacts my mental health. Which on a day like #BellLetsTalk, we should absolutely be discussing this more.

So take a listen here of my latest podcast and let me know what you think. Are you in the same boat as me, questioning everything about social media and how/why/when you use it? Its a good conversation to have with yourself because then you take the power back from social media.

I’d love to hear from you on how you manage your daily social media routines and/or if you have a love-dislike relationship with social media like I do. Let me know what you think!


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Living in a Calculated World

Stories From a Country Girl

Its hard to believe it was 10+ years ago I first entered the world of blogging.

I look back on those days fondly.

{Now I know how most seniors feel when they talk the good ol’ days.. you know, those days before smartphones, technology and all this craziness}

But in all seriousness, even 10 years ago, the digital sphere was a different time.

(OK, now I definitely sound like a senior).  This may be the first blog post that ‘dates me’ as a human. Sigh.

Yes, it’s been that long since my ‘Stories From a Country Girl’ days for those blog readers who have so loyally followed me here all the way from then, to my Passionate Voice blog and now to my new home. Thank you to those readers for your continual support and readership throughout all these years 🙏 Even if there are only 6 of you 😉

I’ve been doing a ton of listening, conversing and reflecting throughout the month of January for work. It has me thinking of how we’re living in such different times than even a short 10 years ago from so many standpoints – in life, in work, with social media, technology, consumer behavior, disruption, the list goes on.

I’ve been thinking long and hard lately about the role of social media and the impact it has on our lives and our mental health. Its something that bombards us and inundates us both personally and professionally every day. We’ve never been properly trained in it and the research isn’t quite there yet to show the long-term lasting effects, yet we continue to use it at such rapid rates. I see firsthand and realize its benefits but I also see the cautions we need to talk about more, to engage productively and healthily with our social media feeds.

And this comes from someone who does social media for a living!

Even blogging 10 years ago was a completely different landscape. It wasn’t so ‘calculated’ as the entire world now is with blogging and social media. When we were blogging back in ‘those days’, we didn’t have to have well-curated graphics that had consistent branding with the ‘right’ fonts. We didn’t care about likes/followers, we just blogged about what we thought about and cared for and if the likes followed, then great but that wasn’t the end goal. We didn’t care about promoting our messages beyond our followers, trying to make our content ‘salesy’ for people to eat up and then buy from us. Hell, we didn’t even give the proper credit for graphics/photos when we searched on Google and used them for our blog posts.

Side note: If you previously read my SFACG blog when I first started, yes, the image above is my old header and no, I didn’t end up purchasing the image for $20 but I am at least giving image credit below 😉

I sometimes wish we had that type of freedom again.

To read blogs written in the ‘old school way’ of blogging. Or think in that easygoing way #FreeThinking. Or blog in the carefree way, whenever we wanted too, without the branding, the content calendar and the perfectly placed hashtags. Blogging in a world where we didn’t have to worry that if you said something that not everyone agreed with, you didn’t have to face the social media wrath you probably would today. I wish we all had that freedom to only care about ourselves and what we thought. And not in a selfish, narcissistic way, but a way that was healthy for us. A time where if you had something to say and wanted to passionately say it, you just said it (HECK YES!)

I really do wish some days we were living in a less calculated world. I miss those days of off-the-cuff randomness. Whose with me?

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Values. Personalization. Transparency. Trust.

Values. Personalization. Transparency. Trust.

From the events I attended in 2018, there were certain ‘buzzwords’ that continually came up, event after event, whether they were within agriculture or outside of ag.

Innovation and disruption were two of those words in 2018. This is what is driving and fostering change at the unprecedented rate we’re experiencing (you can read my previous post on this here ).

Another common theme that was continually discussed at all events?

Just how important communication is and the role of social media, in developing relationships with consumers.

It’s not that communication hasn’t always been important, but thanks to the digital revolution that we’re living through, people are now talking about communications in a way like never before. We’re now seeing senior leaders and executives in every industry, taking a more hands on approach when it comes to communicating.

We must all be better communicators. Period.

So whether the conversation is around how to better communicate with your staff, how to better communicate with an intended target audience or how to better communicate with consumers regardless of what brand you are or what industry you’re in, the four ‘buzzwords’ that will steer the communications ship in 2019 are:

Values. Personalization. Transparency. Trust.

People want to relate to brands, influencers and people who share common values with them. And not necessarily in a “we both enjoy eating meat” kind of way. The connections run deeper than that. It is about WHY we choose to do something like eating meat and finding that common ground to relate to someone, that good relationships are built upon. If we both value something in the same way, those values will lay the foundation for a positive relationship.  

Next, people want personalized communication. If you aren’t personalizing your communications, you’re not going to land on the eyes/ears of your intended audience. There are so many tools and tricks now to personalize your communications that there really is no excuse as to why people should feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

When it comes to transparency, I also think of the word ‘vulnerable.’ Its something I’m going to commit more too in 2019 as a brand - how to be more transparent and how to show more of the vulnerable side of myself as an entrepreneur. People appreciate this “no stock imagery” kind of thinking in all shapes and forms now.

And lastly but most importantly, trust.

If you share common values with someone, personalize how you speak to that person and show them full disclosure type transparency and vulnerability, then you are going to have the ultimate key of success in marketing, communicating and heck, in life….. TRUST.

Its something I ask myself everyday when I work with my clients, particularly my agri-food clients. Consumers don’t trust us. Period. That is why we’re not even getting a chance to go through the consumers’ front door to sit down on the couch with them, and have a bigger conversation about their food.

Watch throughout 2019 as these 4 words lead the charge in the communications-digital marketing field.

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2018: A Blessing in Disguise


Over the holidays, my brain was on overdrive thinking of all that took place in 2018 in preparation for the New Year. 2018 really was a crazy, beautiful year.

In a way to recap what I actually did in 2018 while I decided whether or not to make goals for 2019, I started putting pen to paper and boy, was it a therapeutic experience writing everything down. There was so much to share in fact that I realized it was maybe time to get back in the saddle and try this podcast thing again because I figured a 50+ paragraph long blog post would be wayyyy too long to read.

[Side note, I really did have the best of intentions last year when I launched my podcast to keep recording episodes, I really did. Just a few things got in the way…. like the end of my maternity leave, a provincial election which resulted in job loss, starting my own business and a few other things :P].

When I wrote my 2018 news years post a year ago, I didn’t quite know what ‘embrace bold’ truly meant until I lived it last year. 2018 was a year of being uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable in a good way by embracing bold. I discuss this more in the new episode of my podcast!

What do I have in store for 2019? Growth. More of it and lots of it. Take a listen of episode #2 and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear what you have in store personally and professionally in 2019.

Let’s do this together!


Our Someday List - part I

Someday List

We all have a ‘someday’ list.

Whether that is a physical list we keep on our smartphone, a list we write down on a notepad, or a mental list we have stored in our heads.

A list of things we want to do.

Jobs we’d like to pursue or try [one day].  

Places we’d like to visit and discover.

New things we want to learn.

Books we want to read.

The goals we want to accomplish… someday.

Blog posts we want to write… and do.. and then they sit in the draft folder for a very long time (this is a huge problem for me!)

I clearly have a ‘someday’ list. I am the master of all list makers so of course I made a ‘someday’ list.

But slowly I’ve started realizing that while this list is a great idea, it sets expectations for a life I haven’t lived yet.

And so, I told myself this year; instead of continually adding to the list, why don’t I start DOING things off the list.

It’s what forced me, in a good way, to take the leap and step out on my own and start my own business. Because I’d always had that on my ‘someday list.

Its what motivated me to finally travel to Quebec City this fall with Andrew, after always wanting to travel to la belle province.

If there is anything parenthood has taught me, it’s that I want to start crossing things off my ‘someday’ list and actually start living the list rather than continually add to it.

Because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t start living life this way.

I realize there are restrictions and limitations to what we can do with our lists. Our dream jobs just don’t pop up. We can’t just all quit our jobs and go travelling. We would all love to spend money on experiences, yet we have to save money for our future.

So yes, we have to be realistic with what we put on our lists in the first place.

But the other lesson in all of this that I’ve tried to remember, is that we have a lifetime (hopefully!) to do all of the things on our someday list. So there is no point in rushing to get all the items done. We have a lifetime,  if we’re lucky to do them all. Of course, there are some things I am glad I got done sans children 😉

The point is, what are you doing now to cross that next item off of your ‘someday’ list if you have one?

Seize the day, friends!

… (and I’ll be back soon with part 2 as to WHY our someday list keeps growing instead of crossing items off).