Do any of the following scenarios apply to you? 

  • Your company doesn't have social media and you know you need a digital presence because it is where your target audience is.

  • Your CEO, Senior Leadership team or Board reference social media (all the time) yet don't have professional handles themselves to represent the brand.

  • You're an executive who wants to be recognized in your field on social media yet you don't now what platforms are best and how to execute.

  • You have a marketing campaign that needs a digital-social strategy to help with ROI.

  • You know your business needs a rebrand along with a digital presence and you need a cost effective strategy to execute in a timely manner.

  • You have a client that needs a digital strategy but you don't offer that service. Time to outsource. {to us}

Here's what we can do to help...

5 Point Plan
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  • Social media strategy (paid and unpaid)

  • Social media management

  • Social media campaigns

  • Content development/copyrighting

Strategic Communications Planning
  • Research, facilitation and consultation

  • SWOT analysis

  • Establish objectives, messaging and platforms

  • Budgeting

Campaign & Project Management
  • Establishing project plan, tactics and platforms

  • Content strategy and content creation

  • Editorial calendar management

  • Analytics/reporting to measure success

Website Design
  • Message refinement and response creation

  • Public speaking training

  • Role play in-person and on camera

  • Speechwriting

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Name, tagline and logo generation

  • Responsive website design with Squarespace

  • Web copy content

  • Responsive website design with Squarespace

  • Website copy content

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